Generative AI-powered QSR voice ordering system

Our software enables customers to place food and beverage orders using natural language

Voxx AI

Pure AI Automation

100% AI-Driven Technology: Our solution operates entirely on advanced AI, eliminating the need for human supervision and ensuring a truly autonomous drive-thru experience.


In our video demonstration, we highlight the capability of ordering food and beverage items using voice recognition technology. We showcase how customers can effortlessly add and remove individual items, incorporate complete meals in a single command, or select partial meals through interactive question-and-answer sessions

All these actions are performed in real time using natural language, achieving flawless execution without any errors.

Streamlined Efficiency

Without the need for human intervention, our AI promises a smoother and faster order-taking process, potentially reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction

Cutting-Edge Adaptability

Our AI system can handle complex orders, accents, and customizations with ease, thanks to its sophisticated understanding and learning capabilities

Seamless Integration

Designed for easy integration with existing restaurant ecosystems, including POS and kitchen display systems, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate efficiency gains

Lower Operational Costs

By eliminating the need for human supervision, our solution significantly reduces labor costs and the associated management overhead

Scalability at Your Pace

Start small and scale effortlessly, our technology is designed to grow with your business, making it ideal for chains of any size

Dedicated Support and Development

As a startup, we are deeply committed to our clients, offering personalized support and rapid development cycles to meet your specific needs

Future of Quick Service Restaurants

Join us in shaping the future of the industry with a solution that's always one step ahead, driving efficiency, and enhancing customer experiences through technology


We can effortlessly integrate our solution into your current system, designing customised user experiences and interfaces that cater specifically to your needs


Driven by generative AI, operates independently without relying on third-party outsourcing, effectively handling every query


Supports consumer-grade hardware, providing the versatility to function both on-premises and in the cloud, with minimal expense


The system is inherently flexible, allowing for easy integration of any menu. With minimal setup, it can be operational and efficiently processing orders in no time